Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bedroom Make-Over!

I took some time to process all the things that have happened today, and I decided to distract myself with other things so that I don't worry about them.

So...I'm picking out a new design for our bedroom.

 I love this bedding set from Pottery Barn. I first saw something like this at Anthropolgie, but it was a bit too pricey. :o\

I think it possesses a certain "shabby chic" quality, and I'm so into that right now. I would go ALL OUT if it wasn't for my husband complaining about it being too "girly"... ;o)

Vintage-esque ruffled sheets from BB&B

Sweet decorative pillows from Pier1.
Some people say decorative pillows are stupid...Well, they kind of are, but they sure are pretty!!!

Love this combo!
Adorable nightstand from paintedcottage's etsy store.
Vintage looking mirrors as wall art??...Yes, please!

I think this adds just the right amount of  *sparkle*.

What room would be complete without some pretty flowers? favorite.
And now...for the cherry on top: The Bed. My dream bed???
The "Dawning Lark" from Anthropologie.

The reality??

The "Boston Iron" bed from Charles P. Rogers.
It's a little bit less expensive and way more gender-neutral. Plus it's totally adorable!

So, those are all of the major purchases that I've made in the fantasy world known as my mind. ;o)  Maybe one day. For right now, I'll just enjoy my daydreams...

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