Monday, April 25, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

How have I spent the past few hours? Listening to Red House Painters on loop and looking through the ModCloth Style Exchange. ;o)

 Btw... He drops the f-bomb at about 1:02. Sorry about that...

I've been in a very emotional state of mind today. That movie really hit me. I watched it again this afternoon. I've really been thinking about my life and how I've wasted so much time being unhappy. I'm going to do things I love and enjoy every minute of my day. I know it sounds cliche, but... who knows how much time I have left?

On a less philosophical note... I think I've come up with a sort of "schedule" for my blog.

My Body Monday: All about tattoos. Not necessarily just mine. Things that inspire me, too.
Ten Things Tuesday: Ten things I love/want/hope to achieve/etc...
Things About Me Thursday: This is a tentative one, and it may be changed after a short period of time.
Feeling Fine Friday: Also tentative. Pretty generalized.

I'll most likely throw in other posts here and there, and I may even miss scheduled posts every so often. However, I will try to stick to this format. I do work full time, so this might prove difficult on occasion. :o\

Anyway, I need to get to sleep. Work tomorrow. Night all!

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