Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lookin' Fresh

As you may have noticed... I've been making changes to my blog here and there. Updating the look. Tweaking this. Moving that. So far, so good. In my opinion.

What do you guys think?

Also, does anyone know how to get the ugly gray background behind my tabs to go away? The tab options in the blogger editor won't let me get rid of it. I assume I'll have to do something in html or add css, but I don't even know where to start. Even tried Googling it, with no luck. So, if any of you know of anything that might help, please let me know! Email me @, or comment below.

So, I was driving home from work, when I noticed a carnival along the side of the road. Drove back later to check it out! Oh, btw...the pictures are linked to my picplz account, so you'll be able to view larger versions.

The road I take to get to work.

This one is my favorite.

Bumper cars!

Crazy slide!

So, I didn't really ride anything or play games. I just observed. Everyone was happy. There's just something about a bunch of neon lights and the summer air that makes carnivals so much fun. Such a pleasant evening. :o)

When was the last time you've been to a carnival?

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