Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things About Me Thursday

To be completely honest, I feel a little silly labeling a post "about me". I feel like I should show you who I am by what I post. It shows what I'm interested in, passionate about... Through my posts you'll hear about my life, my family, and my friends. So after a lot of debate (with myself), I'm definitely not going to do anymore "Things About Me Thursday". Haha... only two down, and I'm already tapping out. ;o)

Omg! My mother just sent me this picture:

She went to Alabama for a seminar for her job, and while she was down there, she said she got a tattoo! Ok...this is a big deal because she hates my tattoos. Ok, maybe not hate, but she definitely doesn't understand why I do it. She doesn't give me a hard time about them, but she definitely isn't thrilled with them either. That being said... I definitely didn't believe her when she showed me. #1: If she doesn't understand why I get them, why on earth would she get one? #2: This isn't really her style. If she's going to get something permanently marked on her, I don't think she would pick this. Not the cross... The cross is fine. But the style of the cross?..... I'm a little iffy on that. I mean, I could be wrong, but I know my mom pretty well. Turns's henna. Which honestly didn't cross my mind. I knew it was fake, but it didn't look like a stick on. Most of those are more of a "flash" design. This looked more organic, which threw me at first.

I was definitely flipping out there for a minute though. She fooled me, but only for a minute!

(Oh, and before I forget... I was misinformed on where my nickname originated. My mother actually gave me the nickname "boo bear". I thought it was my uncle because he wrote it on the back of his basketball tennis shoes. :o)  Sorry mom! I'm giving credit where credit is due. ;o) Love you!)

Anyway. I'm exhausted from working all day, so I'm off to bed.



  1. Hahaha that's hilarious! It kinda looks like henna... but not enough for that to have been my first thought. What tattoos do you have??

  2. I know! It definitely didn't come to mind at first. I have eight altogether. I'm planning on doing a post about them on Monday. Hope that's not too long to wait! ;o)


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