Friday, May 20, 2011

Flick Friday: Double-Up on the Romance

Liz: "I'm so sick of people telling me I need a man."
Felipe: "You don't need a man, Liz. You need a champion"

I love these lines from Eat, Pray, Love. Felipe is such a gentleman. He's sweet. He's sensitive, and guess what? He's not just some fictitious character. Felipe is an actual person! Yay! If you haven't seen the movie...good! Read the book first! Such a wonderful reading experience. Then, watch the movie so you can put some faces to the people that you've just read about. ;o)

I also watched How Do You Know? last night, and I'll tell you what...I did not want to watch it. I'm so glad my husband talked me into it. :o) Paul Rudd is one of my favorite actors, and he stole my heart again in this film.

He's so innocent, and so awkward...but it's really endearing. He's definitely another gentleman. He listens. He's actually interested in what the girl of his dreams is's incredible.

Can you tell that I'm a hopeless romantic? ;o)

But the thing is....I know for a fact that this type of man exists. I've seen it. SO THERE! You can't fool me Hollywood. :oP

I guess in a way that makes me a hopeful romantic. <3  Anyway, if you haven't seen either of these movies yet, I would definitely recommend them.

Anyone else seen any GREAT movies lately???


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