Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gimp Tattoos

Soooo....I've been playing around with Gimp. I had it on my old desktop, but it was so ancient that I wasn't able to use over half of the features because the computer took too long to load the effects. I used to get so frustrated with it, which eventually lead to me giving up on editing my photos completely.

However, I just downloaded it on our laptop, and let me just say, I forgot how much fun it is!!! I've been searching for tutorials on different things that I've always wanted to learn how to do, and guess what? Fake tattoos was one of them. ;o) Check it out.

They don't look that realistic, but it's still fun! Practice makes perfect I suppose. I'll have to look up some more tutorials, haha! If any of you know of any good websites for Gimp tutorials, please let me know! I'm jumping in with both feet!!!

(Links for the swirls and roses are here. I don't have direct links for the chest piece or sugar skull, but the general website is here.)


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