Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some Stuff

Well...I guess I'm going to start taking the bus to work. My vehicle stalled twice in rush hour traffic while I was on my way to the grocery store. Not good. I took it to Auto Zone since they do a free analysis if the "Service Engine Soon" light is on, and guess what? There were "codes" that came up on their computer that didn't register with their system. Basically, that means that there are things wrong with the engine that this program, designed to be able to explain what problems exist with any given vehicle, can't even recognize. Yea...... Oh, but they were able to tell me three of the five things that were wrong with it. *Sigh*

Some days it's so hard to have an attitude like the one described in this song.

So I've distracted myself with shopping! Not real shopping, more like World Wide Web Window shopping, haha. ;o)

Scion xA
(Photos found @ Cars.com)
I think this is quite possibly one of the cutest little cars I've ever seen! They first caught my attention in 2006 (the final year that they produced this style...bummer). The size would be perfect for maneuvering the crowded streets near my home. Plus the color is darling! (Spoken like a true female. I'm not worried about the mileage or previous owners, but gosh darn, it better be pretty!) And how cool is the dashboard?! C-razy! Maybe when we're finally able to trade in my hunk-o-junk, this will be included in the list of upgrades. ;o)  Here's to hoping!

What are you window shopping???


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